How to Stay Stress and Anxiety Free

Stress and anxiety has been apart of my life for years, living with anxiety has taught me to be positive and take out all the negative energy in my life so I don’t have anxiety attacks.   History of anxiety takes back to the greek and the Latin physicians, distinguished  anxiety and stress from other forms of negative effect.   later down the line in history anxiety has been identified as a medical disorder, we as people go to the doctor to get diagnosed with the anxiety disorder and take further actions.

Anxiety has many forms, for example someone who is experiencing anxiety might feel the fear of leaving the house and going into public, another anxiety disorder might be separation anxiety disorder (having a hard time being separate from your loved ones). There are many more disorders for anxiety but I’m going to inform y’all on the disorders I live with on an everyday basis and what I do to help me become stress an anxiety free.

I have struggled with anxiety and stress for as long as I can imagine, my anxiety disorders I feel as a combo of most of them although I Am a social butterfly I have the social anxiety disorder where when I’m in public I get nervous and think everyone is looking at me and talking bout me.   Sometimes when Im somewhere new not only do I feel as if everyone is looking and talking about me I feel as if I can’t breath and I’m in a small space where I can’t get away, this transitions into the other anxiety disorder I have “panic disorder” I start to panic and suddenly don’t know how to speak, palms get sweaty I get clamy, dizzy and sick to my stomach all because I’m having a panic anxiety attack.  Anxiety is like a leach it lingers and it creeps up on you when you least expect it, for example I’m happy all morning and all the sudden I get sick to my stomach, sweaty palms and dizzy, wanting to crawl into bed because of the feeling I have of a weight being on me out of nowhere just because of one little thought. Many people experience other variations of stress and anxiety such as “stress of not getting enough hours at work, stressing over going to work and having to deal with customers who are rude and hard to handle with.  Stress and anxiety of not being able to get behind the car because you feel confined and scared of the other cars around you. Having a panic attack or stressing out about not studying enough or a deadline that is two days away for college.”

I may handle my anxiety differently than others, I still wanna share my routine for reducing my stress and anxiety while giving y’all tips for how y’all can control or reduce y’alls stress or anxiety.

Handling my stress includes waking up earlier, looking on phone in bed for thirty minutes waking up fully, while I’m taking the time to fully wake up I will take advantage of the last ten minutes and do some “MEDITATION BREATHING” Step one: inhale and count to 5, I like to clear my mind of all the negative thoughts. Step Two: Hold your breath and count to 3, Step Three: Exhale and count to 8, Step Four: hold your breath and count to 1o. I like to repeat these steps two to three times after finishing my meditation breathing I get out of bed to make a pot of coffee and get online and check emails and my classes to see if I have any new assignments while checking on my grades. After I check on my grades I get up and make me a healthy breakfast with my coffee I made, I then get ready for the day by taking a shower and while I’m taking my shower I like to do a “SHOWER MEDITATION” which consists of (Every time I take a shower I visualize washing away the stress and anxiety, I concentrate the water falling upon my skin feeling lightless from the water running all the stress and anxiety down the drain watching and feeling it all wipe away.) MEDITATION IS KEY!!

EATING HEALTHY- Eating healthy plays a big part in staying stress and anxiety free mentally and physically, I can’t say I eat healthy 24/7 but I do eat a wide range of healthy foods almost all the time (mostly organic) organic foods are better for your body and have way more nutrients without all the added hormones and chemicals they put in the food to help it stay fresh longer.  healthy foods you need in your diet to stay stress free, (fruit-Blueberries, Razz berries, Black berries, strawberries, oranges, Peaches, Red Apples, Avocado) (Vegetables- Sweet potato, Leafy Greens “Spinach, Asparagus, Broccoli, Kale” (Meat- Turkey, Salmon) (Sweets/Nuts- Nuts and seeds “Pumpkin seeds, Almonds, Pecan, Cashew, Cocoa nut” “Dark chocolate- dark Chocolate is a all natural food the the body takes as a drug that helps boost our “DOPAMINE” Dopamine is a drug/chemical the brain produces for the body to make the body feel good, when your upset your Brain automatically lets out this natural chemical to make you feel better. Doctors and psychologist call it the “HAPPY DRUG” LOL.

EXERCISE- Daily exercise will help reduce stress and anxiety, working out is almost like the “happy drug” because when you work out the. body releases chemicals called “ENDORPHINS” Endorphins trigger a positive energy in your body.  I try and exercise as much as I can or when I feel like it LOL Exercise does make you feel better physically and emotionally. just a small workout daily can help reduce your stress and anxiety.

REMOVING THE NEGATIVE- Removing negative people and Negative Energy/Thoughts , having negative thoughts or negative people around you with negative intentions makes you feel even more stressed and in the rut about whatever it may be that you are going through. Letting go of the negative thoughts and feelings will make you feel one hundred times better about yourself while feeling more confident, I having depression/anxiety have negative thoughts and feelings everyday worried about my home life and the lives of my family all while making myself feel down and useless because of the random negative thoughts I have making me feel deeper and deeper in my feelings but I find the courage to get up and get on with the day as if it was any normal day. “how do I get rid of the negativeness?”  As I said in the begging of the blog how I like to take Time out of my morning and lay there while I think of the good thought and what I am grateful for and also to distract myself by thinking of what my day is going to consist of, I like to keep my mind busy If am still and not doing anything productive with my day my mind is still and quiet I will start to think and think and think… I have to keep busy so my mind will not be in the dumps.

Another good way to get rid of negative energy is to cut all ties with people in your life that bring you down or wanna take you down with them, as you slowly cut more and more ties with people you will start to see how much those negative people were blocking your site and will be able to have what I like to call smooth sailing. Being mindful and kind to others will get you a long way as well y’all ever heard of the saying “TREAT OTHERS HOW YOU WANT TO BE TREATED” I live by the saying LOL.. But its true if you treat others with kindness and respect you will most likely get the same amount of resect and kindness back, its always good to be nice and give out a compliment here and there to make someone feel god and by making them feel god you begin to feel good about yourself.                                                                              .







These are my tips on how to stay stress free and how to manage your anxiety a little better, I also wanted to insert my experiences with anxiety as well because there are a lot of us who are going through the same things and some of us are going through completely different things, I love to share and bring knowledge to others eyes with information you may already know or information you didn’t know.

Thank y’all for everyone’s support I will continue to post more and be on here to talk to y’all as well I love to interact with y’all!! <3