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 Hi, Im Carrie (or just care to the ones that knows me best.) I am an 19 year old only child, a granddaughter, I live with my mother; It has just been me and her since I was 18 months old and our relationship (is like the Gilmore girls relationship) I am happy to have a bond so good with my mother..   I’m also a traveler, reader, writer, I have a huge passion for beauty and lifestyle.                                          A Texas girl at birth but a city girl by heart, The lights at night will always catch my attention. Further down the line I do plan on moving to more of the mountains part of the world.

My life has been through a bunch of ups and downs but it has been great because I manage to surround myself with good caring people who are there for me through thick and thin while inspiring me to grind harder to get to where I wanna be.

I was born and raised in Texas grew up in the city of Houston, my family and I love to travel anytime we get. traveling is one of my favorite things to do! I think I just like the road trip and listening to music and sharing more stories part.haha.  I have a few hobbies id like to say,… My hobbies consist of makeup, fashion, lifestyle, blogging, clean organic eating, reading, Youtube, traveling, having fun with my closetest friends and sometimes have a binge marathon on my favorite shows.

I graduated from Cy Fair HighSchool in may 17, 2017 this was one of the best days!!

While I was in school I participated in FFA (future farmers of America) I raised a pig names GIGI (ill insert a picture of her. She was the sweetest pig I met; I am glad I was able to raise her and have a bond with her. Once it was time to show her I didn’t notshow her because I did not want her to get turned into “BACON” Sooo I took GIGI to my own home in the BACKYARD!! haha.  Might not of been a good idea to Bring her home because she tore up the backyard and made it into a mud-hole…         But I will say it was such a treat to get to build a bond with her since she was little.


My senior year, I participated in teaching younger generation kids ages 3-5. we were trained to get them prepared for kindergarten such as learning how to read, write, learn AB’C and counting numbers. Us teacher got to pick our “buddy” I chose a little girl who reminded me of myself when I was her age. (not mentioning her name for safety but I will insert a picture of her and her friend)  This class I took was a lot of fun and even gave me an opportunity to think about teaching kindergarten children. While it also came with benefits of getting certified in child abuse, first aid, CPR on babies, kids, and adults. While giving me a better insight on how to understand the mind of children.

I just might share a few stories on life and some adventures and even walls I hit in my life, I hope y’all find It motivational as well as inspiring. US being “human” we do not have it all figured out yet (I know I don’t! not at 19) we all learn from each others stories everyday whether it is about hard times or good times we all take something from someones Storie!


I will be sharing and checking in everyday and weekly as well, Id love if you do follow me on my social sites that will be on my home page I would love to follow y’all back and really build a bond, because this blog was created for us to connect and share each others thoughts and stories! Oooh and don’t forget to drop a comment or two, so we can chat and inspire all.

Sincerely with love,



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