All about that Color Oops!

Ladies, we all have that time when we dye our hair a certain color and end up not liking it. I know I have.  I recently dyed my hair the color black in the shade “light natural black” I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I decided to go black, I’ve heard that black is the hardest color to get out but I still dyed it just to try something new.

I enjoyed the black color once it started to fade, the fading looked a lot nicer to me because inside it looked black but outside in the sunlight it looked close to a red black color giving it a little color twist. After dealing with the black with red undertone I decided to go back to my last hair color which was the color red. I blindly dyed it back to red thinking that it would’ve covered up the black but I was wrong.. 🙁       The red color just washed right out of my hair and the black still remained in my hair strands.

I didn’t think I would’ve been able to get the black hair dye out of my hair, until I came across this video on youtube on this product called “COLOR OOPS”  the extra strength box!! The extra strength strips hair of layers of hair dye back to your original color. Color oops is Ammonia Free & Bleach Free being very gentle on the hair allowing you to re-color in the same day.

I have to say this is the BEST hair color removal I have tried hands down!! I definitely recommend this AWESOME product to girls/guys who need help getting unwanted hair dye out of your hair!

PS.. This product is not tested on animals and is recycle friendly, I love brands who do not test on animals and is eco friendly.

When you apply this product make sure you are somewhere with windows or a fan to circulate the air because the smell of this product smells just like “rotten eggs” my mother helped me apply this product to my hair and she agreed with me that it smelt like “rotten eggs” as well.. LOL

This process only takes 20 minutes to settle in your hair, I let the color oops settle in my hair for 30 minutes since I dyed it with black hair dye. I was worried that the color wouldn’t come out all the way but it actually worked; after following the instructions the right way.. haha

FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! this was a hard part for me because I am very impatient! haha.                                                             When the instructions say to rinse the product out for 20 minutes it means rinse for 20 minutes, along with a longer process is the shampoo process which ask you to shampoo 5 times, let sit for 5 minutes and rinse for 5 minutes every 5 times!! Now this shampoo rinse and repeat process will dry your hair out! so it is best to condition your hair with a conditioner that has proteins in the conditioner and let sit in your hair/scalp for 15-20 minutes for better outcome. While your waiting for the conditioner to settle into your hair you can finish up your shower if you already haven’t. It is better to condition hair after shampoo and rinse of the 5 times.

After my shower I applied hair oil to my hair to give it a little extra smoothness and shine to it.

I wish I had some pictures to show you guys my own results but unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of my process but hands down I would recommend this product to anyone who wants unwanted hair dye out of their hair and back to their original color!! My original hair color is a chestnut red brown and it took out all the black and turned it back to my chestnut red brown hair color! I was very excited and happy to see all the black gone and ready to dye it back to red!


I love to share my experience on new things I have tried or already done and inform you guys on new things and for y’all to give its try of your own and hope to hear what your thoughts are and how your experiences went!













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  1. That was very informative. I love the part – follow the instructions. LOL. I will try and do just that next time I have an unwanted hair color. Thanks

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